About Webe

WeBe Schools are experienced youth communicators with one simple but important goal: to provide the most inspiring and effective character values tools that help middle school administrators, teachers and students build a climate that is connected, kind and encourages kids to try new things.

Why WeBe

Schools know that a positive culture nourishes student achievement. Student values determine that culture. And culture is the amalgamation of character traits young people embrace.

But the tools presently available to address student values in the classroom are more “Ph.D.” than “Teenager.ese" and they are labor-intensive for teachers. The result? Uninspired youth and a three-ring Character Ed binder gathering dust. WeBe abhors binders and is revolted by dust.

WeBe for Middle School

Teacher ready and student friendly, WeBe Schools provides quarterly youth-centric Character Value Modules for the classroom. WeBe understands teacher workloads, so WeBe's Character Values Modules require no teacher prep, lectures or handout management. We also design and build a customized website for your school — its called the “WeBe Machine” and it supports the character module's student activity. Check out this school's WeBe Machine for an example!

2014–2015 Character Value Modules and delivery schedule:

  • BE KIND 101 — August 2014
  • BE RESPONSIBLE 101 — October 2014
  • BE CONNECTED 101 — January 2015
  • BE RESPECTFUL 101 — March 2015

Annual program includes 4 Character Value Modules and a personalized school WeBe Machine. Our Pogram specifically provides you:

  • 20 DVD’s or USB flash drives
  • 20 Teacher Guides
  • A Custom School Website + WeBe Machine
  • 4 Online Character trait channels
  • 4 Online Character trait channels
  • 1 Personalized School Pride channel
  • 1st Invitation to WeBeSchools Leadership and Character Conferences
  • 24/7 Website Service Support


WeBe Schools recently presented LEADERSHIP 101 with Bill Cordes to over 450 students, teachers and administrators from over 20 Kansas middle schools. To see more of that event, check out WeBeSchools on Facebook and our WeBeSchools Vimeo site.

As part of the day’s activities, peer-to-peer interactions provided students with tools to positively affect their school culture — to be part of something bigger than themselves. Students and administrators left the Oread on The University of Kansas campus with a better personal understanding of respect, responsibility, communication and how those traits create good things, and a connected and compassionate school climate.

Character in school. Every middle school student should have the opportunity to experience such a morning. But we all know that’s not possible. WeBe Schools’ Character Values Program can help you ignite these changes right in your classrooms! WeBe Partner schools will have first invitations for our 2014–2015 WeBe Schools Character Values Program!

Kansas Middle Schools may contact Jeff Heline at jheline@webeschools.com or Mike Park at mpark@webeschools.com. You may call WeBeSchools at 1.888.470.2449.